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Reasons To Use a Vacuum Sealer (That Aren’t Just Food Storage)

Mar. 22, 2021

Reasons To Use a Vacuum Sealer (That Aren’t Just Food Storage)

If you have been paying attention to vacuum sealer, whether it is sous-vide or other, there are several good reasons to buy one.

Storage of bulk meat and cheese

When the household vacuum sealer first became popular in the 1990s, one of its main selling points was that you could buy perishable items in large quantities, such as meat and cheese, and save those items that you cannot use right away. It is usually more cost-effective to buy in large quantities, especially beef and chicken.

Today, this is still one of the best reasons to use a vacuum sealer.

Over time, air is the biggest enemy of maintaining food quality. Oxygen allows mold to grow, which is why a piece of cheese wrapped in plastic wrap will become soft after a few weeks in the refrigerator.

In the refrigerator, any air in contact with food will dehydrate and oxidize the food, causing refrigerator burns. By exposing as much air as possible, you can reduce the risk of these two diseases.

Save the ingredients for later

You bought a lot of coriander leaves, but you only need a tablespoon. Now you can only eat a bunch of leftovers, and they will wither within a few days. Or, your tomato plant produces more tomatoes than you give away, but you don't want to waste your precious fruit.

The vacuum sealer can help preserve most fruits, vegetables and herbs in the refrigerator for weeks or months.

Dry seal in jars

For those that will deteriorate quickly but you can only use a small amount of dry ingredients at a time, such as spices, nuts, and yeast, sealing them in a bag is not the most effective way to preserve them.

Instead, you can try to vacuum sealing them with a glass jar. You can buy many accessories for the vacuum sealer to work with the jar. The advantage of this is that you can open the jar, take out what you need, and then reseal it easily. When using vacuum bags, you have to cut the plastic bags constantly, which will ends up wasting plastic.

Reseal your potato chip bag

Potato chips and corn flakes are notorious, once you tear the bag, it will quickly change the flavor. Although evacuating all the air in the bag will eventually crush them, you can reseal it with a vacuum sealer.

Reserve non-food items

Outside the kitchen, the vacuum sealer can protect important documents (such as birth certificates, car ownership, your will) in case of flooding or water damage in case of a flood or burst pipe.

In your emergency kit, you can vacuum seal items that degrade over time, such as bandages or medicines. It is also wise to seal things that should not get wet, such as matches.

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