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What can vacuum sealing used for?

Sep. 24, 2020

Atmospheric air, the stuff we breathe, is comprised of 21 percent oxygen. And oxygen is the catalyst for the process of oxidation, the breakdown of cells. In food, this process speeds spoilage.

So, the solution to keep fresh foods fresh and extend the shelf life of dry or frozen goods is to remove as much oxygen-containing air as possible. That’s where the vacuum sealer comes in.


With a vacuum sealer, freezer burn becomes a thing of the past, produce and deli foods last much longer, and your bank balance will be a little plumper thanks to the savings.

They are also handy to preserve, waterproof, and reduce the bulk of non-food items. You can keep important documents safe, or create compact, waterproof pouches for camping and backpacking.

But before you buy, there are some important features to consider. Join us now for a close look at our vacuum sealers.

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